Customized Inflatable Planetarium Dome

Customized Inflatable Planetarium Dome

Item: Customized Inflatable Planetarium Dome

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Customized Inflatable Planetarium Dome for sale

Protable planetarium Inflatable Dome  is made by anti-stretch fabric material.
The dome can be set up in 15 minutes. fireproof and durable 
If you don' t  have a fixed planetarium hall or dome yet, we can provide you the inflatable dome.Our dome is made by anti-stretch fabric material. The inner of the dome is Special coated which is special for planetarium's display. 
The air in the dome can exchange with the air outside any time .The installment is very convenient, so long as open the dome, turn on  the air blower and the air curtain connection, the dome can be installed in  15 minutes.

The common size as below,
The size as below:
1) diameter 4M, height: 2.6m
2) diameter 5M, height: 3.1m
3) diameter 6M, height: 3.6m
4) diameter 7M, height: 4.1m
5) diameter 8M, height: 4.6m
6) diameter 9M, height: 5.1m
6) diameter 10M, height:5.7m