LED Lighting Decoration Floating Ball

LED Lighting Decoration Floating Ball

Item: LED lighting floating ball
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LED lighting floating ball,lighting Inflatables decoration can be equiped with LED lighting or common energy-saving lightings, which base on the clients' demands. (these two kinds of lightings can send out colorful lightings) improving the quality of your actions.
The LED lighting decoration have remote controller, what can change the color base your preference. There are various styles of inflatable lighting such as balloon, cylinder, cone, lunate, star etc.
My company manufacture the products base on clients' specific demands, such as shapes of wine bottle, drink bottle, lotus or arch. Inflatable lighting available to product promotion, holiday celebrations, conference, evening party, dancing party etc. In business field, can be used for publicity of new products, bar, cellphone shop, snack bar, hairdressing and beauty saloon, KTV, sauna, pavilion of regimen, gymnasium, massage parlor, adult shop, 24hours shop, night fair, beer garden, internet bar, card room, tea house etc. Inflatable lighting not only bring juicy effection of advertisement.