Self Erecting Inflating Rescue Tent

Self Erecting Inflating Rescue Tent

Item: Emergency tent-018

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Self Erecting Inflating Rescue Tent

Size:6*4*3m, custome made 

Color:  white,blue,black,red,military, custome made 

Material: PVC tarpaulin or PVC oxford

Tent type: air -tight tent inflatable structure are designed for a short-term and long-term use in many areas, especially in cases with an immediate need for background, but even to accommodate people, to deposit material etc.

The tents can be connected among each other and so a bigger interconnected complex can be created, e.g. a field hospital.

The tent frame consists of inflatable chambers, the roof is made from PVC-coated fabric and it is available in several colours.

The tent floor is made from a strong material. Depending on the customer′s wish, the floor is either fixed to the roof or the floor can be removable, i.e. attached by means of Velcro. When the tent is set up on such surface where the pegs cannot be used, anchor it by means of sand or water filled bags placed on fastening flaps. Straps for devices,lamps etc. are attached to the support arches of the inflatable structure inside the shelter

The side walls of the shelter contain openings for heating, air conditioning, electro installation cables etc. Upon request, the tents can be equipped with a removable hygiene or isolating liner, with lengthwise or crosswise partition curtains to divide the inner space, as well as with windows consisting of a film and mesh.